Important topics concerning husbandry, management and pasture for the agricultural wild animals are discussed in a professional and practice-oriented way.

Contents: Requirements for fallow deer and deer - as well as sika, muffle and black deer - keeping, feeding and management, species-specific food requirements, standards for organic farms, possibilities of habitat optimization with regard to pasture land and feeding offerings, characteristics of good pasture, pasture improvement, post-sowing, effects on biodiversity. With extensive pasture in the afternoon in the Donnersbach valley.

2 hours of TGD training

5 hours of ÖPUL-Bio-education

5 hours ÖPUL-UBB further education

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Optimization of farm management


  • 2020 wird kein Mitgliedsbeitrag eingehoben

    Der Vorstand der landwirtschaftlichen Wildtierhalter in der Steiermark hat auf Antrag von Obmann Franz Münzer beschlossen, dass für das laufende Jahr 2020 ausnahmsweise kein Mitgliedsbeitrag eingehoben wird.

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